East Texas death row inmate fighting for new trial says he is innocent

“Over the last few years in courtrooms across the country, attorneys and judges alike have questioned the legitimacy of the Shaken Baby Syndrome theory.”
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PODCAST: Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom about Robert’s case!

The famous podcast called ‘Wrongful Conviction’ with Jason Flom has done an episode on the wrongful conviction of Robert Roberson. It is out now and you can listen to it on Spotify.
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Paper: Unrequited Innocence in U.S. Capital Cases: Unintended Consequences of the Fourth Kind – Northwestern Journal of Law & Social Policy (Spring 2019).

“The four experts advanced various possible causes of death consistent with Roberson’s innocence: Nikki could have died of undiagnosed meningitis from a middle ear infection.”
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Will a Texas law that overturns convictions based on bad science save this death row inmate? – Texas Tribune (Aug. 16, 2018).

The 2013 law was credited with stopping Robert Roberson’s execution two years ago, and his conviction is now under review in county court.
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Courtroom stunner: Roberson hearing delayed after 15-year-old evidence found in basement. – Palestine Herald (Aug. 14, 2018).

The high-profile hearing for Roberson, convicted in 2003 of the murder of his daughter, Nikki Curtis, will be delayed indefinitely. Roberson, 51, a Death Row prisoner, is asking for a new trial.
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Texas Court of Criminal Appeals grants stay of execution to Robert Roberson. – TCADP (Jun. 22, 2016).

On Thursday, June 16, the CCA granted a stay of execution to Robert Roberson who was scheduled to be put to death Tuesday, June 21 for the 2002 murder of his daughter in Anderson County. Roberson’s attorneys argued that his conviction was based on junk science.
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Texas Court Stays Execution of Man Convicted by Now Debunked ​“Shaken Baby” Testimony. – DPIC (Jun. 17, 2016).

The court’s June 16 stay order halts Roberson’s execution under a recent Texas law permitting court challenges based on new scientific evidence of innocence. The court returned the case to the trial court in Anderson County to conduct an evidentiary hearing on Roberson’s claims.
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Death Watch: Shaken Science. Appeal rests on new research into Shaken Baby Syndrome. – Austin Chronicle (Jun. 17, 2016).

Much of the old argument hinged on the manner in which Nikki is believed to have died, and the way Anderson County District Attorney Doug Lowe manipulated the trial process to elevate the jury’s belief in the ruthlessness of the crime.
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Texas man, 49, set to be executed for killing his two-year-old daughter 14 years ago earns a reprieve after attorneys claim ‘junk science’ was use in his conviction. – LongRoom News (Feb. 1, 2002).

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals sent his case back to his Anderson County trial court late Thursday to review claims he is innocent of capital murder.
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The Death Penalty in Texas and a Conflict of Interest – The New Yorker (Dec. 3, 2015).

“But while the trial record is full of red flags, such as an I.Q. score of eighty-seven in junior high school, a history of organic brain damage from concussions and other traumas, and testimony that he was “very likely” abused as a child, [Robert’s] trial lawyer didn’t do much of an investigation into his mental-health record or his family history. The trial court didn’t do what it should have to document his mental-health history, either. He was sentenced to death.”
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